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Traditional Mediterranean Flavors

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Through innovations like precision sous vide cooking, we bring a world of bold, extraordinary flavors to your home — better, safer, faster. From the freshest Mexican fare to Mediterranean delights to insanely good versions of your favorite Chinese dishes, you'll find it all here.


What is CS DAK?

At CS DAK (Cuisine Solutions Dark Assembly Kitchen), we're evolving the at-home dining experience. Through innovation and chef-driven concepts, we're disrupting home delivery with sophisticated, world-class food, safer and faster than previously possible.

Why sous vide?

French for “under vacuum,” sous vide is a cooking method in which food is sealed and slow-cooked in water at constant, precise temperatures. This allows for precision cooking, incredible textures, and impeccable flavor every time.

CS DAK evolves and improves dining experiences. When you order from us, you're getting the combined experience of the world renowned chefs and scientists at Cuisine Solutions. 


Premium ingredients are slow-cooked sous vide. This guarantees conistently delicious results.


Vacuum-sealed ingredients are cooked to precision so your food is pasteurized and handling is limited.


We execute our chefs' menus from these prepared elements, along with carefully sourced fresh ingredients. So your food is ready faster.

Experience the difference.

Order from our menu today.


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